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What we are offering

Is an amazing revolutionary approach to trading where our signals are generated in a real time live trading scenario. This is a Real Time approach that shows you, how you will make money. Our revolutionary signal generating system will assure you minimum draw downs with Maximum potential intraday Profits.
Every Trader's dream is to have a magic crystal ball that can tell the future moves in the markets. Well our team of engineers at Precision Trading Signals have developed the next best thing: Introducing the VCBS/RS 3.10 and the VCBS/DJ 3.19 Intraday Signal Generating System. The signals generated are specific to the Russell 2000 Index Mini Futures and E-mini Dow Futures contracts.

Can you imagine

If you came across a tool, a map, or a compass that would accurately point to which direction the markets were heading while helping you consistently make profits and at the same time drastically minimize any risk of loss.


Having your own live daily trading coach by your side, every minute of the trading day along with a complete play by play market commentary. You will have access to view one of our most well respected veteran traders making live market calls and trades using our signal generating system.

So easy to follow

Novice traders will trade with the confidence of a true professional.

The VCBS/RS 3.10 and the VCBS/DJ 3.19 Signal Generating System

  • Gives you the flexibility to trade from anywhere in the world
  • Eliminates Overtrading and Slippage costs
  • Eliminates risk of overnight exposure
  • Works unlike any other system by giving distilled, Pure Market Price Action Momentum
  • Crystal Clear Trading Signals.
  • Helps you maintain a consistent positive daily P&L
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